On behalf of the Male Choirs Association of Australia, President Neil Fleming is calling for nominations from member choirs for the repertoire for the 2025 Festival which will be staged at the Adelaide Entertainment Festival on Sunday 3rd May2025.

These should be sent by return email to the Secretary by the date shown.

Negotiations for the venue and the date of the next Festival have been in train for the last five months and we are pleased that the Association is now in a position to confirm both. Many thanks are acknowledged to the Committee from the Metropolitan Male Choir of South Australia for the work that they have done in finalising these arrangements. A bulletin from Neil Fleming will be sent to you in the next few days giving more details.

I trust that you have had a very successful beginning to the2023 Choral year and that your choir is continuing to build on the successes of the past year.


Neil Fleming


Male Choirs Association of Australia

5th April 2023