The MCAA Committee met on Friday, 15th October 2021, via Zoom in accordance with its commitment stated in the previous Bulletin to meet quarterly to review and monitor Covid-19 circumstances across the country.

The Committee quickly agreed that current prospects of determining a date for our next festival in Sydney remained remote.

Notwithstanding NSW’s recent juggling of its political leaders and bringing forward much of its roadmap, certain LGAs continue to be locked down. Victoria’s numbers have spiked considerably and remain worryingly high despite the lifting of many restrictions especially in Melbourne. The ACT’s numbers remain annoyingly persistent although the border with NSW was opened today. All other state borders remain closed whilst some international borders are teasing that they will open soon(?) Queensland and WA are virtually unaffected but their borders remain closed to those from affected areas. Further the doubt remains that if a person travels interstate, on what conditions will they be able to return, if at all.

The committee discussed the following:

  • The current Covid-19 changes and requirements in NSW and Sydney related to mandatory social distancing and mask wearing for choral singing in indoor venues and for performances. Clearly, such current restrictions make it totally impractical to contemplate our type of festival in the near future
  • The ongoing challenges for our national association to bring its constituent parts together.
  • Concerns about infection rates when restrictions are lifted and which sections of society might be impacted.


  • Vaccination rates are impressive and respective 70% and 80% targets are expected to be attained soon.
  • Therefore, we should assume a positive outlook and develop a plan with more definition once confidence exists to formulate it.

The committee resolved to reconvene in the first week of February 2022 with a view to exhausting the possibility of establishing a date later in 2022 for the planned festival in Sydney.

The Sydney Organising Committee’s (SOC) meeting was deferred due to the calling of the MCAA Committee’s meeting. In light of the MCAA Committee’s decision above, the SOC will not reconvene until more concrete dates and plans can be provided.

The Committee accepts that the above information continues the dispiriting environment for choral singing activities but it is out of the control of the Committee.



16th October 2021