At its meeting today, the MCAA Committee decided regretfully to cancel the already-deferred Festival proposed for the weekend of 30th – 31st October 2021 at the Sydney Town Hall.
Also, the Committee decided to defer the Festival to the weekend of 30th April – 1st May 2022 at the Sydney Town Hall. Negotiations will begin immediately with the Sydney Town Hall, Musical Director, Paul Jarman and all associated artists to change the date.

The Sydney Organising Committee carefully considered the responses from all member choirs to the survey questions posed last month. The ongoing challenges of Covid-19, restrictions, lockdowns, travel limitations, vaccine rollouts and impacts upon choirs’ attendances at practices and therefore confidence about credible performance standards, all helped inform this latest decision.

Specific praise and thanks must go to the members of the Sydney Organising Committee headed by Vice President, Peter O’Driscoll, who are all prepared to knuckle down for yet another period to bring our Festival to fruition.

Hopefully, over the next 10 months, circumstances will change so that the national perspective of our association may be properly reflected on the performance stage.

Meanwhile, I trust that news indicating that most choirs have returned to regular practices and that the numbers of choristers attending are on the increase augurs well for next year’s Festival and its performance of the “Red Book” repertoire.

Thank you to all members for your ongoing patience and understanding around events usually beyond the Committee’s control.

Keep singing!
11th June 2021