Bulletin #4 – Confirmed date for the 2025 MCAA Choral Festival at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Bulletin 4 Thank you to all choirs who responded to the request for the preference of their choir for the MCAA 2025 Choral Festival which will be held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. The survey was due to be returned to Brian Buckley, the MCAA Secretary, by 16th February 2025. All of the responses pointed […]

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Bulletin #3 – 2025 Change of Date and Rugby Tour 2025

BULLETIN 3 The proposed weekend of 3 – 4th May 2025 for the MCAA’s Festival in Adelaide at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre (AEC) has had to be foregone due to factors outside the control of the MCAA. The AEC received a booking request from a larger organization for all spaces at the AEC for the […]

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 20th May 2023

The Meeting commenced at 1.00 p.m. with Neil Fleming in the Chair Attendance: Australian Rugby Choir; Neil Fleming, Scott Sneddon, Albert Orszocsky Australian Welsh Male Choir: Lew Wilson Cantorian Sydney: Sid Ford Con Men: Brian Waters Ku-ring-gai MVC: Paul Whiting, Ken Wade, Bruce Sharpham Metropolitan Male Choir of South Australia: Stephen Coombe, Evan Patton Orange […]

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